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Your truck could be worth more than you think!

Right now the Canadian dollar is suppressed by market forces that are beyond anyone's control. Because of this, demand for Canadian used trucks has skyrocketed in the United States with American buyers cross border shopping for truck inventory to sell in auctions across the United States.

You might be wondering what all of this should mean to you? The answer is quite simple: Canadian truck dealers are Americans #1 source for used inventory for them to take home and re-sell. Truck dealers in Canada mostly sell new vehicles, and in order to do that they must take trade ins. This is where you, and your truck enter the picture.

In situations like this two powerful forces are in your favor:

  1. Canadian truck dealers face less uncertainty about whether they can sell your truck after you trade it in.
  2. American buyers are eager to pay more for your old truck because of the strength of their dollar.

This puts you in a unique situation to get more for your truck than was ever possible in recent years. If you have been considering trading your truck in already, but were unsure of what it might be worth, now is the time to be pleasantly surprised!

Simply let us know what you're driving now and give us an idea of what new truck you might be interested in. We will get in touch with a no obligation, free quote and let you decide from there.

No one can be sure of when these conditions will end so get in touch today!